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LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library Content Licensing Policy

This licensing policy applies to LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library and all Partner Society Portals, EcoEdDL, PlantEdDL, EvoEdDL and EconBotEdDL.

Submitters of non-original work may use the following Letter to Copyright Holders to obtain permission from original copyright holders.


Dear Copyright Holder,

Permission is requested to share your licensed work, cited below, in the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library or Partner Society Portals at  LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library is a forum for scientists and educators to locate and contribute peer reviewed resources for 21st century undergraduate biology education. LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Librarystrives to foster a community of ecology education users and contributors.

Copyright holders retain their rights to materials submitted to LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library or Partner Society Portals. All Partner Societies, ESA, BSA, SSE, and SSE, agree to give copyright holders appropriate credit in all reproductions, copies, and publications of the materials by a partner society. By granting permission below, you give the partner societies the nonexclusive world rights to reproduce and/or distribute materials included in LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library or Partner Society Portal, allowing you to retain the rights to materials so that you may republish or otherwise use them.

Copyrighted materials are licensed by each professional society under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License*. Under this license, registered users of EcoEdDL are free to use, copy, distribute, and adapt resources under the following conditions:


  1. All resources must be attributed to the copyright holder, but not in any way that suggests that the copyright holder endorses the user or their use of the resource.
  2. No resource shall be used for any commercial purpose.
  3. Any alteration, transformation, or derivation of a resource may only be distributed using the same terms as this license.


The above conditions may be waived if permission is obtained from the copyright holder, and they do not apply to any works that are part of the public domain.


By signing below, you grant permission for your work to be submitted to LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library and Partner Society Portals, where it can be downloaded, shared, and remixed. You will retain all original copyrights.

Copyright Holder

        Name (please print) _____________________________________________________


        Signature _____________________________________________________


By signing below, the submitter agrees that he/she will abide by the rules outlined above. All users and submitters will be asked to agree to the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library and Partner Society Portals copyright policy and terms of use when creating an account with LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library or any of the Partner Society Portal.


Submitter to LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library or Partner Society Portal


                  Name (please print) ________________________________________________


                  Signature ________________________________________________________


Resource:  Full Title/Citation ______________________________________________________________


A signed copy of this letter must be sent to ESA, either to, or to the following address:


Ecological Society of America

Office of Education and Diversity Programs

Attn: Andrea McMillen

1990 M St. NW

Suite 700

Washington, DC 20036

* Read the full provisions of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License here: Email any questions to