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Ecological Core Concepts -- Interspecific interactions

Discipline Specific Core Concepts Classifications
Competition (26)
Mutualism, symbiosis, and commensalism (18)
Parasitism and disease (16)
Predation and herbivory (40)

View Resource Mimicry

This laboratory exercise examines the response of native birds to different frequencies of a mimic species while holding the other two parameters constant - the degree of distastefulness and the resemblance of the mimic to the model.


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

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View Resource Foraging and Flocking Behavior

In this laboratory exercise, the following issues are examined: 1) why neither predators nor prey go extinct when there is a long period of nonrenewal of the prey population 2) the effects of habitat on foraging speed 3) the advantages foragers can gain from experience in foraging 4) the advantage of exclusive use of an area for foragers 5) the effects of food density on foraging speed 6) the...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

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